Simms Vest

Tackle Review: Simms G3 Guide GORE-TEX Vest

Simms VestFly fishermen are notorious for spending the majority of their outings waist-deep in the water as they gracefully dance their flies across the water’s surface. Being out in the middle of a stream or a shallow cove doesn’t afford them the means of keeping a tackle box nearby, however. For this reason, many fly anglers don vests that contain specific compartments for their needs on the water. These vests are prominent in the market today, and, with most fishing tackle, it can be hard to distinguish the quality products from the cheaper ones. Great news for you, though; I’ve taken the liberty of choosing a quality vest—the Simms G3 Guide GORE-TEX Vest—to spotlight in this month’s Tackle Review.

Arguably, the most important feature of a fly fishing vest is its storage. Fly fisherman often think of this as a requisite when buying one. After all, the whole point is to store specific tools and flies, sans tackle box, and being able to conveniently organize such items in an accessible fashion is crucial. The G3 Guide Vest accomplishes this feat, and then some, by offering its wearer 22 pockets for storage, including four, user-friendly, molded foam pockets. With such a large arsenal of pockets at your disposal, you’ll never again be forced to decide which items to bring and which ones to leave behind.  

Along with numerous pockets, the vest is home to built-in retractors, complete with a magnetic docking station. It also contains laminated tippet pockets and a rod holder with a butt loop. Construction-wise, it’s hard to compete with the G3 Guide’s durable, woven nylon fabric, topped off with a GORE-TEX water-repellent finish to keep your gear, as well as your clothes, dry. Furthermore, the vest’s shoulders feature stretch panels and mesh for additional comfort, as well as ventilation.

It’s no secret that fly fishing is a costly sport, which is the main reason many anglers are reluctant to give it a shot. The Guide Vest does fit the bill with a nearly $200 price tag, but everything that goes into it make it worth the price. After all, you wouldn’t want a $10 rod between you and a trophy fish, so why settle for a sub-par vest? If you’re an avid fly fisherman, you are most likely accustomed to the costs associated with it and I’m sure you’ll agree that the vest is worth every penny.

Any angler, regardless of whether they’re a fly fisherman or not, will immediately read the word “Simms” and recognize the company as one of the leaders in fly fishing equipment. With a history of producing high-quality products, ranging from backpacks to waders, Simms has established itself as one of the most dominant manufacturers in the sport today. With almost too many pockets (no such thing, right?), breathable and comfortable material, and practical traits to make fishing easier, the G3 Guide GORE-TEX Vest is just another addition to the company’s already impressive lineup. Anyone in need of a long-lasting, practical vest for their fishing will do well to check it out the next time they find themselves at their local outdoor retailer.