Tackle Review: Ascend Water Shield Rain Jacket

As much as we like to prepare for a day on the water, and plan for any potential situation, there are just some things we can’t control. Temperatures, fish behavior, and rainy weather conditions are a few examples of elements of a day on the water that, try as we may, remain uncertainties. While the air and water temps, as well as fish behavior, may be frustrating and force you to change your tactics, you can arm yourself with some armor against the rain with the Water Shield rain jacket from Ascend, the subject of this month’s Tackle Review.

Ascend’s lightweight Water Shield jacket is a 100% waterproof, yet breathable, jacket designed to keep anglers dry and warm amidst downpours. The jacket is comprised of two-layer material construction—nylon ripstop outer shell and nylon mesh interior—that are water and wind resistant and do a great job of allowing the user to remain fishing when many other anglers would head in.

Aside from protective construction, the Water Shield also possesses a removable storm hood, fabric-lined chin guard, zippered hand pockets, a chest pocket, and an elastic drawcord that allows you to adjust the fit to your own preferences. Also, the main front zipper is covered by a double storm flap and even has a rain gutter that allows any collected water to drain away from the body.

The Water Shield is available in four different color styles and costs $80. With such great construction, durable materials, and convenient storage features, $80 is a small price to pay for lasting comfort on the water. There are several other products that cost more and less than the Water Shield, but I think that anglers looking for something more durable and serious than the less expensive jackets, but aren’t looking to spend an arm and a leg will find the Water Shield to be the perfect product.

The weather is something that we’ll never be able to rely on and on the water, it can get hairy in a hurry. However, even the a heavy rain, the Water Shield rain jacket from Ascend is a great shield against downpours and chilly mornings that any angler would be glad to wear. The dual-layer protection keeps anglers dry and warm and it won’t break the bank when you’re just looking for a way to beat the rain and stay out on the water when others go home.