Gear Review: 10X Silent Storm Rain Gear

Rain gear has come a long way since I first started venturing into the outdoors. Back then, if you wanted to stay dry, you’d have to wear a slicker and you’d sweat like hell in that non-breathable rubber suit.

Staying silent was next to impossible as you squeaked your way through the woods. Gore-Tex revolutionized rain gear with its breathable membrane, and it made a big difference.

But if you want to see a grown man cry, wait till he rips a hole in his new cammo jacket while climbing out of the duck blind – not a pretty sight.

The folks at 10X nailed it with their “Silent Storm” line of lightweight rain gear. I got the jacket and pants in the Mossy Oak pattern and right out of the box I could feel the quality. As it turned out, we were in for a big rain and wind event the next day and I was excited to put it to the test.

I drove up to the top of the mountain and headed out on a three-hour trek. The pre-curved athletic fit made moving through the woods easy and I felt surprisingly warm with just a couple of light layers underneath.

As I got up to the top of the mountain, it was blowing and raining pretty good yet I stayed completely dry and protected. I also appreciated the breathability of the fabric—not the usual sweaty feeling you’d have after climbing uphill. So far so good.

On the way down, I followed a creek and worked my way through the willows. The fabric was very quiet while I bushwhacked. I found that I could move very well through the thick stuff and I could have easily stalked whatever I was hunting in this gear.

By the time I got back to the truck I was warm and dry. My hike lasted a little under three hours and it absolutely poured the whole time—no evidence of any water getting in anywhere (including the pockets).

The “Silent Storm” jacket and pants have a three-layer breathable waterproof fabric that is also windproof. I loved the four-way stretchy fabric and found it very comfy while I was moving around.

I also appreciated the waterproof zippers (I had a lighter and a handkerchief in my upper pocket that stayed completely dry). The Mossy Oak pattern looks amazing on this fabric too.

Anyone who spends a considerable amount of time in the foul weather would appreciate the 10X rain gear. It is a quality product that is both comfortable and lightweight. It can also be easily stashed away in a pack just in case. 10X hit a home run with this one. I won’t leave home without mine.

Photo credit: 10X

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