10X Hunting Gear Brings Comfort, Functionality to the Field

The quest for lighter, stronger, warmer, more breathable garments for hunters is never ending. Today’s gear combines state-of-the-art technology with years of experience in comfort and design.

The collection of outdoor hunting gear from 10X offers truly cutting edge designs, delivering advantages many consumers might not even realize. From a division of Walls Outdoor Goods comes a line of hunting clothing rivaling any on the market. 

Consider its new Centrex scent management system that uses nanotechnology typically found in the medical world. By embedding anti-microbials into the fabric, the jacket actually traps bacteria formed by human sweat and reduces the chances an animal will detect you. 

lockdownWe recently received four pieces of 10X gear to try out for ourselves. First is the Lockdown softshell jacket, which offers a breathable, wind-resistant soft fabric that is super comfortable.

This jacket traps warm air and manages moisture along with added breathable through vent zippers on the side. It has varied fabric and extra padding on the shoulder area. MSRP $162

Next up is the 10X Silent Storm rainshell jacket and rain paints. With industry leading 3-layer technology, this pair of jacket and pants offers highly breathable and comfortable approach to rain gear.

Everything about this jacket is made to protect you from the elements, including fully taped seams and aquaguard zippers. It’s also extremely quiet so you’ll have confidence moving around when an animal is nearby. MSRP $232 (jacket) $188 (pants)

rainshellLastly, we reviewed the X Tech hoodie, again with bonded two-layer highly water repellent and breathable fabric. This extremely quiet for-way stretch fabric also have antimicrobial properties. MSRP $102