YUM’s F2 Series

yum-mighty-bugWith hundreds of bait and lure companies in the world of fishing, and literally thousands of baits available on the market today, how do companies keep consumers interested? The key is utilizing science, technology, and even thinking outside the box to create new baits that possess groundbreaking design and action on the water. YUM accomplished this task recently with its release of new plastic-bodied baits outfitted with the company’s highly-effective new F2 (Ferocity Squared) scent formula that are causing a frenzy within the fishing community.

The F2 series is comprised of four, brand new styles, as well as two familiar favorites, that are infused with a formula that has been by Mississippi State University and proven to be 30% more effective than the leading attractant on the market today. A nice feature of the series is that, though the baits are heavily fused with the scent, they retain their integrity and won’t harden, dry out, or lose their action in the water. The scent can also be integrated with existing YUM baits easily, allowing your existing plastics to possess the F2 scent as well.

The four, new bait styles that introduce the F2 formula are as follows: the Wooly Bullee, which is perfect for flipping and pitching, the Mighty Bug, a six-legged creature bait available in three sizes, the Sallee-mander, a swimming lizard, and the Shakealicious Worm, a six-inch shaky-head worm that possesses a skirted head. Along with these new baits, the classic YUM Dinger and the Money Craw have also been released with the F2 scent, giving these old dogs some new tricks.

I mentioned earlier that current YUM baits can be integrated with the F2 formula. This is possible due to the F2 Spray Attractant that comes in a convenient spray bottle. Available in four flavors—garlic, crawfish, shad, and shrimp—the 8-ounce bottles are filled to the rim with the F2 formula that has been proven to attract fish 30% more than other scents.

So how does a lure company keep its loyal customers coming back for more? The answer is simple: it keeps moving forward and outdoing itself with each new product released. The F2 formula and the new bait styles that accompany it have only once again proved that, when it comes to rigorous study and meticulous testing to make sure that consumers fill their tackle boxes with the most effective lures available, YUM is a company that stops at nothing to make that happen. If you’re a fan of soft plastics, and even if you’re not, it’s definitely worth it to give this new line of baits a second look the next time you find yourself at your local outdoor retailer.