Tackle Review: War Eagle Trokar Spinnerbaits

One of the most exciting occurrences in the fishing world is when two great products come together and combine to create a truly incredible product that is sure to do some damage on the water. Recently, War Eagle, a company known for its highly-effective spinnerbaits, and Trokar, who blessed the fishing community with its surgically laser-sharpened hooks, have used those products to make a the War Eagle Trokar Spinnerbaits. If you listen closely, you can hear fish all over the country shivering in fear.

Any serious angler will hear the name War Eagle and instantly be reminded of the company’s status as a spinnerbait pioneer. Over the years, War Eagle has continued to offer some of the best-made and effective spinnerbaits on the market, and the introduction of this new model is just another milestone for the already legendary manufacturer.

Trokar broke out last year with the introduction of its razor sharp hooks that retailers couldn’t keep in stores. The durable hooks are surgically sharpened with a laser, which makes them the sharpest hooks on the market today. Such sharpness takes little to no effort to ensure a solid, instant hook set and reduces any worry that the fish may not be hooked very well.

The Trokar spinnerbaits also feature quality Sampo swivels and are made with piano wire, which enables them to possess more vibration in the water. The baits’ skirts are also custom-tied to ensure minimum slip.

Available in a combination Colorado/Willow blade and a double Willow blade model, the War Eagle Trokar spinnerbaits also come in a ½ oz and 3/8 oz model, and are available in ten different color patterns for whatever situation you may be up against on the water. The Gold Shiner and Sexy Shad are my personal favorites, but any of the ten available patterns is unstoppable.

War Eagle’s Trokar spinnerbaits are available at a number of outdoor retailers, as well as several online retialers. Depending on where you purchase them, the cost will vary slightly, but I’ve found them for as little as $7.49 at a few websites, so you won’t have to break the bank to ensure that your next spinnerbait is the best one possible.

Spinnerbaits have always been a staple lure for fishermen all over the country, and War Eagle has earned its reputation as one of the foremost manufacturers of the bait by producing consistently effective products over the years, and the War Eagle Trokar spinnerbaits are no exception. With such impressive components, a wide variety of color patterns, and a low price tag for such a great lure, it’s almost unfair that War Eagle and Trokar have united their products to make such a formidable spinnerbait. Almost.