Tackle Review: Northland Slick Stick Bouncer Weight

Bottom bouncing is a popular tactic when it comes to walleye fishing. I’ve covered this topic in the past, and with good reason; it’s effective. With all this talk of bottom bouncing, though, I thought it would be a good idea to spotlight a product used with the technique for this month’s Tackle Review. That being said, I urge those of you eager to learn more about bottom bounsing to stick around for a review of the Slick Stick Bottom Bouncer weight, from Northland Tackle.

Stick weights are not new to the fishing community. However, Northland’s Slick Stick is an innovative product that raises the bar. The basic design of a stick weight is what makes it so effective. Really, the simplicity of it is genius. The Slick Stick is a 12-inch, well, stick made from rolled SuperStainless Rod that doesn’t snag while being dragged along the bottom. The SuperStainless material is lightweight enough to provide minimal resistance and a lot of sensitivity during use, but is also strong enough to hold up against the sometimes treacherous landscape at the bottom of a lake. It can be pulled over everything—rocks, logs, grass—without getting caught up. Furthermore, the Slick Stick is tipped with fluorescent paint, which is designed to attract fish and lure them in to investigate the rig more closely.

One of the most convenient features of the Slick Stick is the Quick Change snap that allows anglers to easily switch weights on the fly. Since it’s available in six weights (3/4 oz to 4 oz) to suit a variety of needs on the water, the Quick Change snap is a great feature. The Slick Stick is easily affordable, as well, and starts at just over $4 for the lightest model. The 4 oz model costs $7.

The snagless design of Northland’s stick weight is truly an innovative addition to the fishing community. Northland Tackle is a company that is pretty much synonymous with cold water fishing and the associated species, such as walleye or pike. They make hundreds of jigheads for different purposes on the water, as well as lures, rigs, lure components, and complete kits for specific species. The recent addition of the Slick Stick to their lineup has only augmented Northland’s status as the go-to manufacturer for northern anglers. Any walleye anglers would be smart to take a closer look at the Slick Stick the next time they’re out shopping for tackle.