Tackle Review: Megabass X-DAD

There are a variety of elements that can set certain lures apart from others. New materials, radical design changes, and even technology such as internal LED lights are all ways lure companies have created products that stand apart. However, there’s a lot to be said for an old-fashioned attention to detail, which can create a more realistic appearance and goes a long way towards augmenting the appeal of a lure. Megabass has taken attention to detail to new levels with their X-DAD crankbait, a lure that mimics a crawfish perfectly. Keep reading to learn more about the X-DAD in this month’s Tackle Review.

At first glance, the X-DAD does a good job of looking like a crawfish. Take a closer look, though, and you’ll notice a meticulously detailed body that takes realization one step further. The X-DAD’s body is molded with life-like claws tucked close to its body, black eyes, textured plating, and even tiny bumps to simulate a crawfish’s exoskeleton.

Oh, and did I mention the antennae that stretch from the rear of the bait all the way to the front? Being a crankbait, the X-DAD is tuned to dive to a specific depth (up to ten feet) and suspend there, much like a foraging crawfish, but the X-DAD’s bill creates a tight wobble that sends vibrations to the antennae during the retrieve and creates an even more life-like appearance in the water, especially when the bait makes contact with rocks, logs, and other objects.

The X-DAD comes in 3/8 oz weights and is 2 1/4-inches long. Furthermore, it is available in four different color patterns—craw, Uchida craw, avocado AYU, and pro blue—all of which appeal during specific seasons and in specific regions. The price tag is where many anglers will keep shopping, however; the X-DAD costs $24.99. While it is a quality lure with an amazingly realistic appearance and action in the water, the high price is a little much, which is something to consider.

Costly, but incredibly life-like, the X-DAD from Megabass stands among the elite crawfish imitating hard-baits available on the market today. Its finely crafted body, feathery antennae, and enticing action make it a great addition to a tackle box. However, not everyone can afford such a costly lure, much less afford to lose it. Whether or not the X-DAD is right for you will be your choice, but with prices being such a big factor for many of us, choose wisely.