Russian Fisherman Capsizes Trying to Reel in Pike


Somewhere in the picturesque countryside of Russia there is a poor fisherman who fell victim to one of the biggest fishing fails you will ever see.

In a Youtube clip from Alexey Bronchenko the fisherman is seen quaintly floating along when he gets a bite. The fish pulls on the line and puts up a fight as the man negotiates the action fairly well, that is, until he takes out a net and tries to get it in the boat.

The fish is a pretty good size, but when he tries to haul it in suddenly the boat flips over and he’s in the frigid water. The boat sinks straight to the bottom and his stuff starts to drift away. Once on shore, he curses the situation as he must go back into the water to retrieve his gear that’s floating on the surface.  

Believed to be shot somewhere in Russia, this fishing fail is one you might not want to talk about if it happened to you, let alone post on Youtube. But you know how it is. A good fishing story is a good fishing story, even if you did end up in the lake. 

Photo credit: Youtube screenshot