What Your Waterfowler Really Wants

WaterfowlerThe holidays are coming up and your waterfowlers are out goose and duck hunting. That means it’s a great time to shop for them! Unless, of course, you’re out there with them, but if you don’t join in the waterfowl addiction, this article is for you. Let’s start with gifts for a smaller budget and move up.

If you listen to waterfowlers talk, you’ll notice they wear out their waders often. If they don’t wear them out, they know there are new ones out on the market and they NEED them. Waders are an easy gift that will please anyone who hunts in the cold, wet mud. You can spend from $30 up to $250. Look for durability, hand warmer pocket and zippers – because some brands do not have zippers for those moments when all the morning coffee catches up with them. Top brands include Lacross, Hodgeman, or Cabellas. If you listen in, you’ll probably hear what your would-be gift receiver needs in a pair of waders. You can also provide a gift receipt so they can exchange them. They’ll still love getting new waders even if it takes a trip to sporting goods.

You can’t go wrong with the newest duck and goose calls. More calls are more tricks in their hunting bag. They typically run $25 to $160. With unlimited ducks calls available, you can look into the newest, or purchase the reliable RNT and Echo calls. RNT’s Quack head is affordable and good, and their Daisy Cutter makes very realistic duck sounds at a higher level. For goose, take a look at Saunders, and google “Riverforks Calls” for something special.

Decoys are another huge waterfowler pleaser, and they can run more expensive. On a budget, consider the fix it kits out there if his decoys need a touch up. A good gift idea is adding to the decoys already in the garage with some of the gadgets out there: Mojo spinning wing decoys run $80 and up. Think about what he often hunts and choose the mallard, teal or even wood duck. If you’re really stumped, look at motion decoys if they’re legal in your state, such as the Duck Commander Wake Maker, which creates a realistic wake around 6 to 8 decoys.

Sometimes you have to drop hints and figure out what your waterfowler is dying for. There might be a certain duck call or maybe he even needs a new set of decoys. A dozen custom full body goose decoys or good quality duck decoys will definitely show your love!