Elk hunters are a tough crowd and the gear they use has to hold up to abuse. Your hunter might already have some of the items on this list, so it’s up to you to pick and listen for hints when they are packing for the hunt.

Gift List

Elk hunting usually means miles of rough walking in bad conditions. Boots are always on the minds of the serious. Good boots are made by White’s Pack Boots, Cabela’s, and Danner. Boots for early seasons could be hiking boot styles. Most rifle seasons are later and high lace up, waterproof, insulated hunting boots are best. Wool socks and boot oil are also good accessories.

Elk calls are good inexpensive gifts because hunters love to try different styles and brands to see which works best for them. Archery hunters are interested in cow calls and bugles while rifle hunters often only need a cow call.

Sturdy Canvas elk quarter bags are a must for most hunters and they eventually wear out or get lost. Not quite as glamorous perhaps but appreciated none the less.

Want to buy a big ticket elk hunting item? Canvas wall tents and stoves are quite popular and help make roughing it, well roughing it the right way! Snow and rain all day makes a warm camp with a few comforts feel like home.

For the camp cook consider a Dutch Oven. Hunters may spend all summer perfecting this perfect camp cooking method.

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