Buying for Your Huntress

Women have been hunting throughout the ages, but until recently, the fairer sex has had to make-due with men’s clothing, weaponry built for a man’s stature and other products specifically designed for his comfort and not hers.  In the following are a few good gift ideas for your huntress to ensure her utility and comfort in the field. 


The website is a good place to find a gun to fit your favorite female hunter.   Since long guns are typically marketed and sized for the average man, females often have to use a gun that is too long and heavy. The website states, “Many arms makers produce rifles specifically designed for smaller framed hunters because they understand how important it is for a woman’s rifle to fit them correctly.”  Not only do they have a selection of various long guns and handguns, but they also offer them in pink if you wish!  Make sure before you purchase that your female hunter has been properly measured for a perfect fit.


Gear that fits well is important for movement and comfort in the field.  Most women hunters have experienced the rolled up sleeves and pant legs moment as they tried to fit into their father/husband/brother/boyfriend’s camouflage and then spent the  trip worrying about falling down or getting tangled at the worst possible moment!  Thankfully some new brands are out with clothing that fit a woman’s body. has camouflage clothing in their OutfitHer line, as well as carrying the brands SHE Outdoors and Prois to name a few.  Now it’s possible to buy camo to fit everyone in the family.


One of the most miserable experiences in the outdoors can be hauling around an ill-fitting backpack all day.  It will cut into your shoulders, strain your back and be a constant pressure and distraction as you hunt.  Fortunately, the Badlands Kali Hunting Pack for Ladies was designed for the huntress. sells this item specifically designed for a woman’s body.  It is made to fit a shorter torso, and have a lower center of gravity.  It has a light-weight aluminum frame, comfortable waist and shoulder straps and handles a good-sized load for all day comfort and convenience.