High Success Montana Whitetails

Deep within the Milk River region, in Eastern Montana, Bearpaw Outfitter’s clients are experiencing 100% success rates, which make this hunt one of the most effective in the country. Anyone who knows Whitetails knows opportunities like this do not exist in very many locations, so what makes this such a special destination for hunters who are looking to score on a nice buck?

Bearpaw owner Dale Denney spells it out, “We have a good hunting area and we have been consistently managing our buck to doe ratios.” Denney not only encourages hunters to harvest mature bucks, but he does the heavy lifting of proper deer management by making sure plenty of does are harvested. “We have really kept our doe numbers in check and right now we are running about 50% bucks to 50% does.”

A 50/50 deer herd not only enables Denney to have more bucks in his hunting locations, but it also allows for healthy competition between bucks during breeding season. “Our ratio seems to be working well right now and our success rate over the last couple of years speaks for itself,” adds Denney.

In my dozen years of guiding hunters in five different states, I have rarely met an outfitter who adequately manages doe numbers in their deer herds.  There are two reasons for this: 1) Hunters do not want to pay to harvest does if they are going through the trouble and expense to experience a guided buck hunt. 2) It takes extra time and extra work which makes it easier to just let does manage themselves. 

Sure, outfitters who don’t manage their doe herds can experience good success rates, but their success cannot be sustained if those skinheads are not culled. It takes a lot of extra work to keep deer properties healthy and on the upswing. If you are lucky enough to find a guide or outfitter who goes the extra mile by paying attention to management details like buck to doe ratios, it is worth it to take notice.

With so many fly-by-night guides out there making big promises, Dale Denney delivers and he has been delivering for hunters since 1977. It is also noteworthy that he has over 100,000 acres of property that he manages for a variety of hunts. Hunters can also have a chance for a combo hunt. Not only can you get a world class deer hunt with Dale, but he also offers an opportunity to harvest a Pronghorn on some of his deer hunts depending on dates. 

(For more information on high success rate hunts with Bearpaw Outfitters, visit www.bearpawoutfitters.com)