Rifles for Rookies

Rifles are expensive and most new hunters should not be obligated to spend thousands of dollars on hunting gear just to go hunting. Today, several manufacturers offer a rifle and scope package straight from the factory. These include a rifle, scope base and rings, and a rifle scope. There are positive and negative aspects to buying these packages.

The obvious upside to buying a package is that besides buying a sling, ammunition and a cleaning kit, all your spending is done. The convenience of a package can also make the whole buying process less intimidating to a new hunter.

Another plus to a package deal is that besides having everything, most manufacturers also bore sight your scope after mounting it to the rifle. So, you get a ready to shoot tandem that should be hitting paper right out of the box. After that, all you have to do is fine tune your shot groups and you are ready to hunt.

The obvious downside to buying a package is that you are stuck with your choice until you can afford to upgrade at some point in time.


When considering a package scope, you cannot expect much. You will most likely get an average quality scope that is not water proof, but don’t fret. Even average scopes can perform flawlessly if you treat them gently and don’t expose them to nasty weather for long periods of time.


The good news is that almost every factory rifle barrel these days are straight shooters. Very rarely will you get a poor performing barrel.  Most manufacturers know that with today’s social networks and opportunistic lawyers, that making a bad product is never worth the hassle. Also, the formulas and techniques for producing quality barrels have been around for a long time, so it really is not a huge burden for a factory to tool themselves high-quality rifled barrels. The barrel is always the MVP of any package.


Most manufacturers turn out a variance of about three different actions. Remington has its own self-named Remington actions. Another popular action that is used by multiple companies is the Mauser action. There are several variants and hybrids of the Mauser available and the chances are good that if you don’t buy a Remington, you will end up with something from the Mauser family. The truth is, most package rifles will not have super smooth action, but the good news is who cares? All you need as a new hunter is to eject an old shell and to seat a new cartridge. It might not feel like silk, but it will do.

Adjustable Trigger

The trigger is the second most important item in a package deal. A smooth trigger helps a hunter shoot more accurately as it will require less effort to pull and fire. Most people know this, but what new hunters sometimes don’t know is that having an adjustable trigger is just as important as having a smooth one. The reason for this is that every person has different finger strengths, so it is impossible for a set trigger to fit everyone comfortably. Having an adjustable trigger gives a novice hunter the ability to be comfortable, and that is a huge bonus for obvious reasons.