Putting the Sneak on High Country Mule Deer

JUN2PicIt is no secret that trophy mule deer bucks are becoming harder and harder to come by for the average hunter. With shrinking herd numbers and the high price of hunts, most hunters can only dream of killing a trophy muley. In most states, archery tags are somewhat easy to secure and bowhunters usually get the first crack at high country muleys. To succeed with a bow and arrow, hunters need to know the essentials of how to creep within bow range of these prized monarchs.

Before even thinking about hunting high country bucks, the proper clothing will need to be worn.  Not only should a hunter dress for the weather, but should also wear quiet clothing that can handle brush when closing the distance. Some hunters also wear scent control clothing and that’s fine, but playing the wind correctly is always the best insurance.

Next, be in shape. Obviously good physical conditioning is great for navigating terrain and maintaining good endurance, but being able to sit or stand in place is something else to prepare for. If someone is ever pinned down by animal eyes, it takes being in decent shape to make it through a potential freeze session. Every hunter knows what I am referring to and any hunter who has ever had to be a temporary statue knows the physical toll it takes on the body. Being in shape is just common sense.

An often overlooked tactic for sneaking on any high country animal is to get higher than they are. Most animals spend most of their time looking downhill for approaching danger. Mule deer are no different and they will often overlook death from above, so take advantage of this quirk of nature and make it work in your favor.

Spotting deer is never easy so when you do locate a deer, make sure the first thing you do is look for other deer. Even if you spot the buck of your dreams, take note of other deer around him so that you will not get busted on your stalk. Prying eyes are the enemy of hunting success so try to pinpoint every set of eyes before expending any energy in your quest.

Landmark that buck. After you have nailed down your buck and the location of any other surrounding animals, memorize everything between you and him including all easily recognizable landmarks that will help you traverse your route in the most efficient mode.  Knowing exactly where you are at in relation to your prey is what puts the ham on the sandwich.