Top 10 Hunting and Fishing Fails

Pointing and Laughing

We all love to hunt and fish, but there are some people out there who aren’t quite as good at it as the rest of us. It would be great for these unfortunate people if their mishaps stayed quiet and they could just go on living the rest of their lives as though it never happened. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us), Youtube exists and many of these people have filmed their dumb mistakes. So please enjoy our top 10 hunting and fishing fails!

1. These guys… Next time you go lion hunting, you should probably be sure that you’re a good enough shot to put the lion down before he comes to get you. The worst part? How excited they are at how well they’ve done. Come on now, you should be talking about how you’ll never go hunting again after that.

2. Oh man, crazy Russians and their insane hobbies. This video shows some very classy guys doing a bit of grenade fishing. Needless to say, it could have gone much, much worse for them. 

3. Dropping the bass in this context takes on a whole different meaning. This one’s not as good as the other type, but definitely funnier.

4. Okay, so calling this one “hunting” is a bit of a stretch, but for that guy to miss a turkey at point blank range is almost as bad as his decision to take the shot from midair. 

5. While the first time that this guy falls into the water is funny, we’ll have to say that his inability to get back on the boat is even better… Or more tragic. Are those the same thing?

6. Wild pigs are not animals to be taken lightly (as this guy proves). So if you’re ever in this situation, make sure to stay at a safe distance and go for a little bit cleaner shot.

7. Well, this one is not quite a fail on the part of the fishermen, but it’s still pretty funny and unexpected. 

8. Let’s just start off by saying that this guy ended up being okay (as far as we can tell). The level of stupidity here goes above and beyond all reason. Remember, this is about as far away from proper gun safety that you can get. Just… Just watch this.

9. This one is a bit of a slower burn, but this very proud hunter spends the entire video thinking that he took out an impressive buck even though it is quite clear that he missed. His pride just keeps on growing…

10. And last, but not least, let’s take a look at this guy as he tries to pull a shark that he caught back into his boat. We’re sure that nothing can go wrong in this scenario…

Photo credit: Getty Images