Top Rifle Scopes to Get the Kill


Being able to clearly see your target at longer distances increases the odds that you’ll be able to actually hit what you’re aiming at. But if you’re new to hunting with a rifle scope, the choices can be daunting. To help you on your quest to choosing the best rifle scope we’ve compiled a list of some trustworthy options in ascending price order.

Under $200

The Nikon Prostaff 3X9X40 BDC is a great choice for hunters who want a decent rifle scope but don’t want to spend a lot of money. It is built well, transmits a lot of light and comes from a very well known company. 

Under $300

The Leupold VX 1 3X9X40’s price starts right around the $200 mark and goes up from there depending on the options you choose. The Leupold name is synonymous with quality scopes, and this one is no slouch even though it is one of their cheaper models. 

Under $600

Leupold made this list twice because they are that good. At this price range, your scope starts to come with options. The VX 3 comes with higher quality lenses, a diamond coating and advanced waterproofing. 

Under $800

The Meopta MeoPro begins to break the threshold into expensive optics. This scope offers a parallax adjustment, scratch resistant coating on the lenses, an industry leading light transmission of almost %100 and the ability to get on target fast when the shot matters. 

$1,000 or more

Anytime NightForce breathes life into an optic, you can bet that it’ll be worth every penny you spend. Recently released for shooters everywhere, is their economic SHV line that is actually a bit cheaper than their regular scopes are. They say that the reason why they’re cheaper isn’t because they cut corners, but because they cut costs. 

Choosing the right optic is one of the more important choices you can make when you decide to hunt with a rifle. There are literally tons of options out there. Hopefully, we’ve made the task of choosing one a bit easier by narrowing the field. Happy hunting.

Editor’s Note: Joshua Gillem is a guest contributor who currently serves as the editor for Gun Carrier.

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