6 Reasons to Use a Pellet Gun for Hunting


Ever gaining popularity in the American hunting community is the use of air rifles to take smaller game. Technology has allowed today’s pellet guns to propel their projectiles to a higher velocity with greater energy than ever before. Here are just some of the reasons why using an air rifle is a good idea to hunt small game:

Air rifles, and the ammo they use, are very affordable. Pellets can be found for just a few cents per projectile, and a decent pellet gun can be found for just a couple hundred dollars. This makes hunting on a regular basis easier because the cost to take each animal is so low.

Using an air rifle is a very quiet form of hunting. Because there is no gun powder being used, there is no explosion to push the projectile out of the barrel. This way, you don’t have to worry about throwing off another hunter, or scaring away more prey, with a loud bang.

Many different options are available based on your needs. For example, if you’d like a bigger, slower moving projectile that transfers more energy, you can opt for a .22 caliber 16 grain hollow point pellet that is absolutely devastating to smaller game. Or, if money is really tight and you need a higher velocity projectile, .177 caliber 6-8 grain pellets will get the job done, albeit less efficiently.

Using a pellet rifle is also a great idea for when you’re teaching your kids how to hunt. Because there is no recoil, these guns are easy to shoot, and very manageable. This makes them the perfect tool to teach kids.

Using a shotgun with bird shot can damage the meat and fur because it uses many small BBs to kill the animal. However, using a single pellet often delivers a clean kill without damaging any of the useful animal parts. Many different types of small game can be taken with an air rifle, to include: rabbits, squirrel and birds.

Finally, air guns are legal in most areas of the United States widening the area where they can be used. Just make sure that your state allows them for use in hunting, so you don’t break any rules.

Pellet guns have come a long way since the ones we had when we were kids. They have faster moving projectiles that can deliver a more devastating amount energy when the kill matters. And, they are also more affordable than just about any other hunting rifle out there.

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