NRA Crowns World Shooting Champion in West Virginia


In the old days, tough guys would decide who had the quickest draw by challenging one another to a duel. These days, they challenge each other to civilized tests of quickness and accuracy, and everyone goes home safely. 

The most recognized competition for shooters in the world is the NRA World Shooting Championships presented this year by Magpul. Recently held in West Virginia on Sept 24-26, the crown of best shooter went to Bruce Piatt, a firearms instructor from New Jersey. 

Piatt beat out the other competitors in all-around competitions that included 12 different shooting disciplines covering just about every combination of firearms and targets, moving or stationary that a shooter can imagine. For his superior skills, Piatt was awarded $25,000

On his Facebook page the the victory, Piatt said the big check would make the drive home much easier. 

“Thanks go out to all of my sponsors and family for making it possible for me to shoot as much as I do,” Piatt wrote. “To the people at the NRA and Magpul for putting on this event and for everyone who worked so hard to make it a success.

This year’s event offered $50,000 in cash and $200,000 in prizes. Competitors pay $395 each and are supplied firearms and ammunition to even the competitive advantage. Organizers said that scoring had been adjusted and prizes more even distributed to a greater number of competitors this year. 

Dianna Muller took top honors for best female shooter, earning her a $10,000 prize. 

Photo credit: NRA Shooting Sports USA