How to Avoid Detection While Deer Hunting

Have you ever been caught by a deer? How about two bucks? The all too familiar feeling of defeat as you walk away shaking your head to yourself.

Well, my husband and I had a staring contest deer hunting recently with two bucks, one just a spike and the other a beautiful four-pointer. We had our blind set up, we were scent-free, and yet the older buck knew something was awry.

I stood like stone with my bow only partially drawn waiting in vain for this buck to disregard my presence.The two of them agreed on the smell of danger and withdrew.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid getting spotted by the possible deer buck you’ve been scouting since the first day of summer:

Use baking soda generously. I have found this is to be the most effective odor neutralizer, and the most cost effective. Don’t skimp, that teaspoon full you held back from the laundry might be the reason you get caught.

Pay attention. When you get into any habit, whether good or bad, hobby or not, you become careless from repetition. Do not become careless when heading to your spot. Pretend like it’s the first time, every time.

Wear baking soda. Put it everywhere, and by everywhere I mean everywhere. Underarms, feet, and other places… Keep a fridge carton of it in your pack, and change it out every thirty days per the instructions.

You also may want to consider keeping your hunting gear outside altogether. This really limits the risk of your clothes becoming satiated with the smell of your home, which to you may be unnoticeable but to the deer, well, they know a couch smell isn’t exactly natural.

You may be a day one hunter, or you may be quite the seasoned hunter, but we’ve all been caught before. It’s like being caught with your pants down. Ever forget to lock the door at a public restroom? Let’s avoid that.