New Baffle-Less Suppressors Dramatically Reduce Recoil

It seems as though suppressor technology may have changed for the better. OSS has developed a new flow-through suppressor that is sure to change everything.

On its most basic level, these new “cans” don’t utilize a series of baffles to reduce sound, but are a flow-through design allowing the gasses to pass through the muzzle of the barrel without stopping them in a baffle chamber to expand first.

This is helpful for a number of reasons, but the most prominent reason being that it reduces gas blow-back and recoil over a conventional style suppressor, which actually holds the spent gasses inside the gun. Because the spent gasses are held within the baffles of older style suppressors, and don’t leave right away, the excess pressure tends to force the bolt back at a much higher velocity and can even send gasses back into the shooter’s face.

Russ Oliver, founder of Operators Suppressor Systems demonstrated one of these suppressors and how it can revolutionize fighting for ground troops in a recent Youtube video.

These new suppressors, on the other hand, allow the gasses to continue traveling, albeit a lot slower because of the twists and turns they take before they leave the gun. The inside has been likened to a jet engine, which helps to lower bolt velocity to an immeasurable amount. The result is a reduction in the pressure, blow-back and even recoil.

Each one of these flow-through suppressors is supposed to have a 10,000 round life expectancy, which is really good considering the abuse these things usually take. However, I don’t believe them to be without their own set of problems. Usually, the way things like this work is the more parts you need to make something run right, the bigger the chance of failure you may have. However, all of the components are designed to be replaced separately of the others. This is great because when one of the parts eventually fails, it can be replaced independently.

Forever changed is the world of shushing guns. Baffles are a thing of the past, and the flow-through design we’ve been talking about is of the future. Only time will show us how reliable these baffle-less suppressors are, and if they will be worth the large price tag that is sure to come with it.

Joshua Gillem is a guest contributor who currently serves as the editor for Gun Carrier.

Photo credit: Youtube