High Speed Motorcycle Collission Slices Deer in Half


For anyone who ever doubted that a motorcycle can slice a deer in half — as if this is the subject of heated debate — you can now rest assured. Yes, it is possible. 

A video posted to the Internet in August by Youtube user Maykel Moto purports to show the aftermath of a collision between a motorcycle and a deer.

The man loved the bike, especially travelling at top speeds down rural roads, until the afternoon he collided with a deer. Nearing dusk, he and a friend were speeding down the roadway when a deer suddenly darted into the road.

His friend following from behind said it looked like his bike exploded. What he was likely seeing were blood and guts as the deer was split in half right above the waistline. 

While the rider experienced a scare of a lifetime, he managed to walk away unharmed aside from bruising on his legs, butt and back. His helmet, he said, is what saved his life. Toward the end of the video, Moto provides proof the deer had actually split in two. Warning: graphic content. 

“I always thought slicing a deer in half was a myth,” Moto writes. “But now I know it’s not.” 

Moto says wearing a helmet saved his life and he hopes other people learn from this video that safety is paramount. Travelling at a safe rate of speed would have probably also saved the life of the deer.