Watch This Abrams Tank Drift Race on Ice

If you were stationed in Norway, what would be more fun than sliding on the ice? How about doing it in a 68-ton M-1 Abrams tank? That’s what some U.S. Marine Corps tank drivers got to do recently, while training with the Norwegian Telemark Battalion in Rena, Norway.

The soldiers were there to learn to drift their Abrams on ice. As if it’s not enough that the Abrams can travel at top speeds and deliver deadly force from a mile away, let alone it’s some of the heaviest armor on the battlefield. Getting the tank to pivot, move, and zero in on targets in a wintry environment just might come in handy someday.

The Marines exercises were part of Cold Response 16, intended to train the troops to be proficient in cold weather operations, but also  to build a cooperation with Norway’s military. Of course, when you’re training with an ally in a sub-arctic region, it’s only natural to want to have a little fun.