Is This Not the Craziest Deer Hunting Blind?

Out in the wilds of Wisconsin there exists perhaps the most insane deer hunting blind ever devised by man. A 66-passenger bright yellow school bus hoisted onto a fuel tank 28-feet in the air.

It seems Jesse Kaufman from Springbook was the mastermind behind this redneck manifestation. It does not look like any simple engineering feat to get a school bus that high in the air either. A photo of the blind made its way onto the Facebook page for Chasing Trophy Whitetails where it attracted widespread attention.

As a family member explained in the comments section, the crew built a dirt ramp and drove the bus onto the tank, balancing it just right and then removed the ramp. Jesse revealed this ultra-plus deer hunting blind has all the amenities of home.

“I have a fold out couch two recliners A TV a poker table and deer seasons are cold enough I don’t need a fridge but we got Heat I seriously run power from my dad’s house,” he wrote.

Photo credit: KARE 11