Boy Shoots Two Deer With One Shot on First Hunt

One 10-year-old in Green Bay, Wisconsin will have a hunting story to remember after his first hunt with his father resulted in a trick shot of a lifetime. 

You might see it in movies or hear about it in legend, but Kyler Verbeten actually dropped two deer with one shot.

The young hunter was perched in a tree stand for the first time with his father recently when a big doe came into range. Kyler’s dad told him to shoot the big one as there was a smaller one nearby. 

“He had the gun, and I’m kind of laughing, we’ll see how he does, he’s 10…” his father, Matt Verbeten told WBAY-ABC Channel 2 in Green Bay.

His first hot missed and his told urged him to shoot again.

“He puts it back up, BOOM. They just fell right over,” said Matt.

In one of the rarest things to happen for any hunter, both animals dropped to the ground. The bullet had passed through the first doe and into the second, killing them both. The pair used both tags they had with them to document the kills and an extra bonus lesson in gutting and butchering.

“Just for kids nowadays to get the value of nature, to get outside and do something,” Matt told the station. “There’s not an app for something like that.”

Photo credit: Screenshot