Red Bull Sea to Sky Hard Enduro Returns to Turkey

Hard enduro is insane, but when it’s set amid an amazing backdrop it can truly be a thing of beauty. That’s the case with the Red Bull Sea to Sky event set to take place Oct 6-8 in Turkey, said to be the tour’s finest.

Set amidst the Turkish Riviera, this 3-day contest brings with it a party atmosphere for both riders and fans, but that doesn’t mean these riders don’t get down to business. This race is among the hardest on the Red Bull tour all season.

Beginning in day one with the beach sprint, riders navigate the sandy terrain with some extra tough obstacles like giant boulders put in their way.

On day two they take to the forest for technical sections over bridges and across streams leading to an ancient city in the trees.

And then finally day three is the climax where riders ascend 2,365 meters to the peak of Mount Olympus to the finish line. This is where hopes are dashed and dreams are made. Graham Jarvis had a nice rivalry with Johnny Walker in 2013 who ruined the veteran’s chances at a championship season. Then last year Jarvis returned the favor and beat Walker in the final leg.

This year look for some young guns to make a name for themselves including the son of legendary enduro champ Andrea Lettenbichler, who’s son Manual — known as little Lettie — will show what he’s made of against his old man.

Catch the live action at Red Bull Sea to Sky.