Meet A 10-Year-Old Motocross Prodigy From India

In motocross, like any sport, talent exhibits early. The parents of Yuvrajsinh Konde Deshmukh say they knew when he was 3-years-old that he had special abilities on a dirt bike.

Now at age 10, he’s one of the most decorated youth motocross racers in the world, according to the Indian Express. The world might someday know his name, but they’ll certainly need help pronouncing it.

After winning multiple events in India, the motocross phenom will be travelling to Georgia soon for an international competition and further training, according to the report. 

His trainer for past three years has been a decorated rider in India, Rustom Patel, who is the head coach of I-Land racing academy and an eight-time national champion.

“Honestly, Yuvraj is the fastest kid I have seen so far,” he told the Indian Express. “He is way more talented than his competitors in skills like jumping and body balance, which require a lot of effort, that too at such a tender age. Just like born artists, he’s a born rider and he knows his trade.”

The boy’s father came from a motocross background in India. Maybe it’s hereditary, his parents thought. So they embraced his skill and supported his efforts in contests throughout their home country. When he started winning events, the young rider caught the eye of Patel.

Although he’s exhibited some pure talent, it hasn’t come without injury. The boy broke his collarbone a few years ago, which horrified his mother. But she said the family supports him because of his love for competition.

“His passion for the sport is mind-boggling. He just has one dream, he wants to make India proud,” she told the newspaper.

Photo credit: Youtube screenshot