VIDEO: SIG Sauer Showcases M400 Predator at SHOT Show 2016

Military-style modular weapons systems filled the convention floor this year at SHOT Show 2016. One of those guns is the M400 Predator by SIG Sauer.

This 5.56  has a heavy stainless steel barrel with a free floating ALG hand guard and a basic direct impingement gas system, which using high-pressure gas acting directly on the bolt and carrier, helping to save weight and lower costs. 

This year the gun has been updated to include a 6-position collapsible stock and a new ALG hand guard with M-locks for attachments on the rail.

We spoke with Adam Johnson about the gun in Las Vegas at the 2016 SHOT Show.

While this gun is great for law enforcement and military applications, it’s also a great weapon for hunting. Especially valuable for accurate long-range shooting in the gun’s extended barrel at 20 inches, roughly two inches more than other ARs on the market. 

“It’s called the predator for a reason,” Johnson said. “It’s great for hunting coyotes or whitetail deal.”

In addition to mounting a scope after market, buyers can also equip this gun with a silencer thanks to threaded muzzle. This helps to reduce recoil, improves accuracy and saves eardrums. 

“You can hunt with a silencer in a lot of states,” Johnson said. “It’s become more accepted… It’s a lot safer so you can hear what’s going on around you instead of wearing ear protection, so you know if there’s an animal approaching or another hunter.”

Predator M400 MSRP $1,500 

Silencer MSRP $700

Video by Peter Acosta and James Armstrong