15 Cars Fall Through Ice at Lake Geneva ‘Winterfest’

Sometimes a parking lot just is not as stable as you think. But that’s what happens when the parking lot is a frozen lake.

At a festival in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the lake ice where more than a dozen cars were parked slowly gave way, plunging the vehicles into the drink.

The owners of the cars were celebrating the annual tradition called Winterfest on Saturday Feb 6 when the heat of the sun and the weight of the cars slowly started to melt the ice.

Within a few hours, there were 15 cars in the water.

At first the cars were in puddles, but some onlookers saw the writing on the wall.

“It’s unbelievable,” Jody Fuller told Fox 6 News. “We drove by and thought in about three hours, those cars are going to be underwater.”

It took hours with crews working into the night to finally pull the cars out of the water.

“Heed the warning, you travel at your own risk, but we don’t recommend anybody go on the ice because of this type of situation,” Lieutenant Ed Gritzner, Lake Geneva Police Department, told Fox 6.

Photo credit: @Mandyjonair


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