Watch This Amateur Pilot Perform a Textbook Crash Landing

Ever wonder what it feels like to crash land a small aircraft? Well the following video from France offers a first hand perspective as the engine suddenly fails shortly after take off in a small aircraft. 

Like the experienced pilot that he is, the man behind the controls calmly positions the aircraft into a glide path toward the ground. Everything seems to be going well until the end when the plane seems to bounce off the ground.

What looks like a jarring crash actually resulted in no serious injuries to the pilot, according to comments at the bottom of the Youtube video. Beside from the landing gear, the plane apparently suffered very little damage as well. 

“Upon reaching the ground , the landing gear broke, making the device that ricochet landed for good, but off the track , one kilometer away,” the description reads. “The pilot was unhurt and his plane, with the exception of the landing gear and engine repair , is hardly was an unforgettable 31 December for the experienced driver who reacted very well to its engine failure !!!!”

Photo credit: Youtube