Ultimate Inflatable Air Lounge Raises $3 Million

A revolutionary new way to relax in the outdoors through a light-weight inflatable recliner has been taking off on Indiegogo raising nearly $3 million from 18,000 backers. 

The invention known as the KAISR Original folds into something about the size of a sleeping pad. Just unfold the fabric, wave the opening in the air and seal it shut. It’s as easy as that. And it even comes with a bottle opener. What a bonus!

This lightweight fabric uses dry bag technology to create a relaxing lounge before. Creators say they were tired of either dragging along a heavy chair, inflating an air mattress or just sitting on a towel. 

“Some time ago, we set our sights on completely changing the way people relax,” a post on the Indiegogo page states. “We were fascinated by the simple technique of the dry bag. Together with an ultra-light air-tight fabric, the KAISR Original™ was born.”