Canadian Fishing Guide Lands “White Whale” Albino Catfish

Donovan Pearase, a Canadian fishing guide in Manitoba, estimates he’s caught up to 20,000 catfish, but nothing that looked quite like the albino catfish his client landed recently in the Red River.

The nearly 3-foot catfish was so big and white that Pearase said it looked like a “great white whale,” he wrote on Facebook. Speaking with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, he said both he and his client were pretty shocked. 

“To see an albino catfish, particularly of that size, is pretty rare. You are definitely probably looking at one in a million,” he said. 

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Albino catfish do exist, but they normally die off when they are fairly young because they stand out so much to predators. To catch one measuring 34 inches is something else.

Anglers are not allowed to keep catfish more than two feet long on the Red River so Pearase and his client took the requisite photos for posterity and let it move on. The pair also captured the scene on video posted to Youtube.

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Photo credit: Facebook