North Carolina Angler Lands 112-Pound Catfish

The 112-pound catfish caught by Riahn Brewington in North Carolina recently was just a few pounds shy of a state record. But it was still a whopper.

He could barely lift the fish up in photos that circulated on social media. The Hanover man was fishing with a buddy on the Cape Fear River the day before Thanksgiving when he hooked the giant blue catfish.

“In the water, it felt like it was pretty big,” he told WWAY TV. “But like I  said being that big I thought it would have already snapped the line, but i didn’t realize how big he was until actually I got my hands underneath him.”

Brewington would not reveal the exact the location of the catch, other than the northeast portion of the river. But he did catch and release the sucker, so there’s a chance that it could somehow make a state record. The current record for North Carolina blue catfish is 117 pounds set in June on Lake Gaston.