Anglers Land Giant Blue Catfish More Than 100 Pounds

It seems all the fishing buzz in recent years that greater numbers of blue catfish were migrating up the Missouri River has turned into fruitful fishing for some lucky anglers. 

Two fishermen with a taste for big blue catfish landed a beauty likely weighing more than 100 pounds. The boys didn’t manage to get a scale on their bad boy, but did measure it at 55 inches long by 41 inches around making it at least one of the largest ever caught on video. 

The current record for blue catfish stands at 143 pounds caught off Buggs Island in Virginia in 2011. Before that, the record was held by a Missouri angler and his 130 pound catch. 

So even though it’s not a record breaker, Derek Allen and Anthony Jacoby with Northwoods Angling still have plenty to celebrate over.

Photo credit: Youtube