British Slackliner Breaks Record for Longest Nylon Highline Walk

British slackliner Jediah Doohan recently set the record for the longest walk on a nylon highline strung 211 meters more than 50 feet in the air. 

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Doohan pulled off the feat over the cliffs on the Isle of Portland, Dorset in southwest England, the location where the 24-year-old reportedly held the longest polyster highline record which lasted for 16 days in September 2015. 

Doohan’s record was shattered that month by Swiss athlete Samuel Volery, who set the record at 477 meters on a polyester line at the Highline Extreme Festival in the Swiss alps last year. But another highliner, Frenchman Nathan Paulin, had covered 469 meters on a highline in July, so it’s not all that clear.

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There is also another category called free-solo, which means there is no safety harness. In this whacked out category, Canadian Spencer Seabrooke holds the record for a death defying 210-foot crossing nearly 1,000 feet off the ground.