Watch This Hair-Raising Highline Crossing at 10,000 Feet

Slacklining records have been getting crushed in recent years. Now two thrill seekers conquered a 656-foot crossing in the French Alps at an elevation greater than 10,000 feet. It’s the longest highline crossing ever recorded at such elevation.

Captured on video by a friend, the two stars of the show — Pablo “The Kid” Signoret and Rafael “The Bandit” Bridi — make this treacherous crossing facing high winds, dizzying heights and limited supplies of oxygen, not to mention the pure remoteness of the adventure.

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Their accomplishment in such a spectacular setting at the top of Aiguille Dibona was broadcast to the world by Red Bull TV, but it was the preparation and getting to the location that makes this feat so remarkable.

The crew had to walk for more than five days to reach the spot, carrying heavy backpacks 55-90 pounds. Along with camping gear, they carried slackline webbing, climbing gear, rigging harnesses, GoPros and a drone.

“It’s a secret. Longer highlines, higher summits,” photographer Pierre Chauffour told Red Bull. “The main goal is to enjoy it as much as possible and spend some great time with friends, rig awesome highlines in unique and beautiful places. And if it’s a record, it’s great but not the main purpose.”

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Slacklining is one of those sports that has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. What started as a casual test of balance that rock climbers and other outdoors enthusiasts can practice in their front yards has turned into a world class sport.

The longest slackline record of all time is held by Nathan Paulin who shattered his two previous records with a crossing earlier this year of a full kilometer.