World Record Human-Powered Highline Set at Smith Rock

Highlining normally involves anchoring a giant slackline across two points across a chasm of some sort, either water or a gorge. Anchoring those lines securely is supremely important.

Now there’s a new variation of highlining where the anchors are groups of people, friends preferably because the athlete’s life is in danger, who hold the rope over their shoulders. Human-powered highlining is a high stakes endeavor and one in which a recent record was set by Louie Wray at a popular rock climbing and highlining destination at Smith Rock in Oregon.

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Wray’s 76 meter climb was captured on video and made into a short film by Delve Action. See how this group of friends came together to support Wray in his record breaking challenge. The longer the line, the more people you need. In this attempt, they looked to have about 20 people on each side. The group also have a little fun with the thrill seeker that left him a bit bloody.