Idaho Elk Hunters Swear They Saw Bigfoot

Anyone who’s ever been in the really deep back woods no doubt has a story or two. Bears are one thing, but what about Bigfoot?

Yes, we’re talking about that legendary creature that more and more people are saying exists. And the stories don’t just come from the mountains of Washington. There’s a creature in Florida called the Skunk Ape. We like that name the best. 

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Finding bigfoot, or at least hearing stories about bigfoot, has become something of an pastime in outdoor circles, with some main it their business o try and find the creature.

But here’s the larger question: If in fact the creature exists, then why have we never found physical evidence?

Maybe it’s because Bigfoot is a culture figment of our collective imagination. or maybe it’s because the creatures are so secluded and careful to hide that they make sure not to leave remains behind. 

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In any case, there are stories that could make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. And there are also festivals. Each fall outside of Brightwood, Oregon, near Mount Hood, the locals hold the Salmon, Mushroom and Bigfoot Festival. In the mountain town of Willow Creek California, visitors can enjoy Bigfoot Days. And in Ohio in May there is a Bigfoot Conference, complete with researchers and eye witnesses.

So, are these sometimes cheesy festivals just gatherings of paranoid lunatics, or is there really something to it?

Maybe when a couple of solid hunters share their experience, the situation gets a little more believable. Or does it?