Bear Destroys Inside of Subaru

Normally people are worried about bears damaging the outside of cars, but one teenager in Colorado had a different problem when a black bear got trapped in her 2004 Subaru.

Annie Bruecker, 17, learned the hard way to keep her car doors locked over night after a bear gained entry and destroyed the interior. The black bear was not happy about his ordeal, panting against the window until rescue workers had a chance to respond. 

Bruecker said her mom screamed from downstairs and she thought she was in trouble until she understood what had happened. 

“She said Annie there’s a bear in your car,” Bruecker told ABC 7 in Colorado. “I honestly could not tell you how he got in.”

Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies suspect the bear entered through an unlocked door and found himself trapped inside. That’s when the animal apparently panicked, tearing apart the upholstering. 

After a few minutes, officers unlatched the trunk door and the bear leaped to freedom. 

“It was kind of a little bit of a startling moment when he jumped out the vehicle,” said Deputy Josh Tillman.