Deputy Shoots Bullet Straight into Suspect’s Barrel

Now here’s a story fitting for a spaghetti western, the kind of Old West shooting trick you couldn’t duplicate if you tried.

An off-duty sheriff’s deputy fired his weapon at a threatening suspect in Colorado and the bullet traveled up the chamber of the opposing man’s weapon and lodged itself there rendering the fire arm inoperable.

It’s being called a one-in-a-billion shot, and if you ever tried to pull off such a feat on purpose, you would know why. The 40 caliber of the officer’s gun seemed to have laser accuracy. 

The story is that while off duty Jefferson County deputy, Jose Marquez, was standing in a parking lot where his girlfriend lives and saw two men approaching him armed with handguns and wearing masks. He said the men shot first, striking Marquez twice in the abdomen, so he withdrew his weapon and returned fire, according ABC 7 in Denver.

The returning volley managed to strike one suspect in the leg, who was apprehended. The other suspect got away before Marquez lost consciousness at the scene. Another bullet lodged in the gun in one of the most rare incidents in fire arm history. You would have to go back pretty far in Old West lore to find a shoot out that resulted like that. 

The officer was said to be recovering in hospital.