5 Places to Fire a Full Auto in Las Vegas

Whatever you think about the gun situation in America in light of recent mass shootings, there are still many things you can not legally posses. An Abrams tank is one thing. Fully automatic weapons are another. For those who want to both of those things, a trip to Vegas awaits. 

Las Vegas has more – and more unusual – machine gun rental ranges than anywhere in the United States. Looking for a different kind of bachelorette party?  How about a shotgun wedding, literally?  Want to fantasize that you’re a member of Seal Team Six, saving the world from brain-eating zombies, or fending off space aliens pouring out of Area 52? You’ve come to the right place.

Want to wrap your sweating hands around an honest-to-God, fully automatic weapon and let her rip?  Do you crave the smooth metallic grasp of an Uzi, AK 47, MAC-10 — even a full on M-60 tripod mounted machine gun. You know you do.

Sure, you want it.  But you’d rather not have to join the Marines, get chummy with Idaho survivalists, or vacation in Syria. You could just visit Las Vegas.

According to range owners, most customers are tourists from Australia, Europe or Asia, where gun ownership is largely forbidden. 

“People have a fascination with guns,” said one owner.  “They see guns as a big part of American culture and they want to experience American culture.”

Does Las Vegas really represent American Culture?  Dubious.  But it’s still a heck of a good place to go full auto. Here are 4 places not to miss:

Range 702

Looking for a little action with a Heckler & Koch UMP 40 or an MP5? Check out The Range 702 on Dean Martin Drive.  For $89.95 you get to shoot both, with a Glock and Tactical Shotgun thrown in. Walk-ins are welcome, although VIP complimentary pick-up is available. Open 7 days a week (what isn’t in Vegas?).  Specialty?  “Blasting extra-terrestrial bad guys into space goop.” The VIP experience includes a private hostess, bar, restaurant, TV’s and pool table.  John Wayne never had it so good.

Gun Garage

The Gun Garage — also on Dean Martin Drive (what’s up with the Rat Pack?) – bills itself as family friendly.  The family that sprays together stays together.  They cater to weddings, birthdays, and “corporate events.”  Would your boss go for that?

Machine Gun Experience

The Machine Gun Experience touts the high quality of their range officers – former and active duty military, law enforcement and Special Forces personnel.  Ladies check out the Bachelorette Party special – man handle an M249 SAW, M5, P90, AK47, Glock 17 and a 12-gauge riot shotgun.  Hot tip:  the Vegas Monorail Guide has a coupon good for a free magazine of ammo.

Battlefield Las Vegas

When you’re satiated with small arms, maybe it’s time to move on to Battlefield Las Vegas. First of all, you get complimentary pick-up from your hotel in a HUMVEE driven by a U.S. Vet.  Sure, they offer 350 machine guns to choose from, but why not step right up to the big boy – an M-134 Mini-Gun that fires over 4,000 rounds per minute (think Jesse Ventura in Predator, the first actor to ever fire an M-134 hand-held – “I don’t have time to bleed”). 

Bored with the small stuff?  Then how would you like to crush an automobile with an M-1 Abram tank?  You heard me.   CRUSH . . . CAR . . . WITH . . . TANK.   Cost you $2,500 though.

Machine Guns Las Vegas

Machine Guns Las Vegas has the usual fare, but how about this twist – the Divorce Party.  Divorcees are encouraged to bring wedding memorabilia – dresses, marriage certificates, etc. – and then shred them with large caliber automatic weapons.  The owner suggests that this practice is “therapeutic.”

Other offerings include the Seal Team Six Package:  M249 SAW, M4, Tactical Shotgun and SIG P226. Urban Assault Experience:  Full auto Glock, Shotgun, Colt Commando, MP5. Femme Fatale:  Glock 17, MP5 and a Pink M4. Choose from targets that include Osama Bin Laden, zombies and hostage situations – take them home with you as a souvenir.