Spear Fisherman Survives Gruesome Neck Injury

In a gruesome scene from Russia, a spear fisherman was impaled through the neck and miraculously survived. How the spear, which entered through the back of his right shoulder and exited through his neck, avoided hitting his spinal cord is a miracle. 

In the video posted to Facebook and shared by The Daily Mail, the man is calm and alert as doctors examine the entry and exit wounds at the hospital. He appears to have left the spear intact and kept his wetsuit on while rushing to the hospital. The man doesn’t appear to be in any great panic, although it could be he is in shock. 

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The Mirror reports the man’s name is Baatr Dalantaev. How the accident occurred is unclear, but one thing is certain after something like this. Choose your spearfishing partners wisely.

WARNING: This video will make you squirm.