Brazilian Fisherman Takes Spear Through Face

In an unbelievable and horrifying incident a fisherman in Brazil was harpooned through his face in a photo that has gone viral.

The image reportedly from the Military Fire Brigade of Minas Gerais near Araguari where the man was fishing, shows 27-year-old Hugo Pereira da Silva with a spear through what appears to be just forward of his temple. The man appears to be stable, though in obvious shock.

“Unfortunately, they were not careful with the positioning, the distance,” Araguari fire department Deputy Lt. Lucenildo Batista Alves told the Diario de Pernambuco in Brazil. “And the waters of the river in our region are murky, especially in the very dirty rainy season.”

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Doctors said the harpoon was inches away from piercing his brain and causing death, but as it was the spear was removed and the man was released from the hospital with a painful wound and a hell of a story.

Photo credit: Military Fire Brigade of Minas Gerais via NY Post