Black Manta Defines Corvette at SEMA

We like the corvette. And a whole lot of other people do as well. That’s the takeaway from the 2016 SEMA show held earlier this month in Las Vegas.

More than 60,000 people came out to this high fashion car show, which each year showcases the most insane, imaginative and innovative designs the industry has to offer.

And in a wold of “what’s newest” and “what’s never been seen before,” having the Corvette brand out front is a testament to the Chevrolet classic.

The machine on display in Las Vegas was a dazzled up version of the flat black, lurking monster that Manila-based Car Porn rolled out in the Philippines just a month earlier. The car takes the C6 Corvette’s LS3 6.2-liter V8 engine and builds a sound yet viper-like airframe around it.

Of course, in las Vegas, the updated Black Manta came equipped with all the glitter we would expect from a car destined for action films and legendary time trials.

And anyway, it’s a corvette. Just think of having this one resting in your driveway.

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