Gear Up: Gregory Baltoro Backpack

One great thing about camping and hiking is that, as technology changes, companies continue to create innovative and practical products for outdoorsmen to take with them on the trail. From sunglasses to hiking boots and everything in between, manufacturers use ergonomics and science to create the best gear for us. Gregory, a legendary company known for making high-quality backpacks, has continued this pattern of innovation and attention to detail with the redesigned of the Baltoro backpack. If it’s time for you to Gear Up with a new backpack, then keep reading to learn more about this great product.

Comfort is a big focus of the Baltoro, and this is evident in various design features that the pack possesses. For example, the Baltoro offers Response AFS suspension in the form of a pre-curved harness and hipbelt, both are comprised of EVA foam padding, which greatly improves comfort. This padding is strategically placed to target specific locations on your body where bending and wrinkling occur. The hipbelt also features independently rotating load transfer panels, which register the angle of your hip and adjust on their own to move naturally with your body. Furthermore, the pack’s back panel is made of thermomolded EVA foam and features a lumbar pad that grips to your back to keep the pack positioned properly and also effectively balances weight to your hips.

As far as storage options go, the Baltoro has three primary access points—top-loading access, front zip, and bottom zip—all of which grant access to the pack’s main compartment. The pack also has a zippered front pocket, twin side pockets, dual hipbelt pockets, and a water bottle pocket. There’s also a removable top lid pocket that can be used to store small essential items, such as maps or a compass. Also, the Baltoro is hydration compatible, and has an internal sleeve for a reservoir.  

The Baltoro from Gregory comes in a 65 and 75 size, and is available in three different colors—red, gray, and mossy green. The 65 model costs $300, while the 75 has a $320 price tag, which makes the pack an easily affordable option for serious backpackers.

One of the most important pieces of gear for hikers and campers is their backpack, and the Gregory Baltoro is a great way to accommodate this necessity on the trail. Not only will the improved design features keep you comfortable during long hikes, but the multiple access points and numerous pockets will offer peace of mind that you’ll never have to leave any of your gear behind.