Tents and Group Size

tentWhen it comes to buying a new tent, there are several different tent types and features to factor into your decision. Often times, though, even after considering all the options, some people are still unsure how to choose. Today, we’ll take a look at a how factoring in the size of your group will help you choose the best tent for your needs.

If you typically camp with a spouse or friend, then a two-person tent is the minimum you’ll need. I say minimum because two people in a two-person tent still won’t have a whole lot of room for gear inside. Unless you’re a minimalist, a three-person tent might be a better idea.

For those who hit the woods solo, a one-person tent is ideal, unless you prefer to store gear inside, or perhaps bring along a dog. In that case, a two-person model offers a little extra space to work with. If you’re the bare-bones sort, though, backpacking tents or even backcountry shelters offer lighter options.

Family camping where everyone gathers under one roof, or one rain fly, will require a larger tent. There are tons of family tent models to suit your car camping or campground needs, but if you plan on backpacking to your camping location, it’s smart to consider a lighter, high-occupancy dome tent.

One last thing to take into consideration is that the more people you need to shelter in one tent, the heavier that tent will be. If you do decide to backpack with a larger group and all of you plan on staying in one tent, it might be smart to share the load. Divide the canopy, fly, and poles among your group to distribute the weight.

The number of people you plan on sharing a tent with will play a role in what tent you purchase. Take this into consideration when you’re looking at a new tent and you’ll be well on your way to making a smarter purchase.