Back Attack Pack Fends off Bear Attacks from Behind

Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis)

While they are rare, bear attacks are among the scariest incidents that hikers can encounter in the outdoors. Billy Lucas—a stuntman, former Marine, and bear encounter survivor—knows this firsthand, which is why he designed the Back Attack Pack for hikers heading into bear country.

The BAP is an attachment that you strap to your backpack and features a ripcord that can be activated from the front to discharge bear spray behind you in an emergency, providing the necessary distraction and deterrent to give hikers a fighting chance should they encounter an aggressive bear in the wild.

Lucas came up with the idea for the BAP after a recent trip to Montana, where a grizzly bear charged him while he was fishing. Lucas told KTVQ that, after the incident, he began to research bear attacks, attempting to find a way for hikers to defend themselves while lying face down on the ground during an attack, as they’re taught to do. There isn’t much time for outdoorsmen to react and make decisions if a bear attacks—less than a few seconds—and the BAP can serve as a last line of defense when you’re pinned down.

The Bear Attack Pack is compatible with all UDAP bear sprays, is available in bright orange and camouflage, and retails for $150.

Photo credit: Grizzly bear — Getty Images