Crazy Rabbit Charges Through Avalanche

This video of a crazy rabbit running through an avalanche has been making the internet rounds lately for no other reason than that furry white rabbit is frickin’ crazy.

The Russian heli-ski company was flying outside Kamchatka in far eastern Russia when they captured this footage of an insane rabbit charging right into an avalanche.

The slide was triggered by snowboarder David Carrier Porcheron and the chopper was close to the Snow Valley Lodge on the Vilyuchinskiy Volcano. The video sequence was captured with a high-resolution “red camera.”  

A spokesman for the Russian company that filmed it, Helipro, says “this crazy rabbit came in our shot.”

Experts say the same techniques the rabbit uses to stay on top of the flowing avalanche such as keeping its feet moving are those that survival experts suggest people employ in the event of a slide.

If you are trapped in an avalanche you should spread your arms and legs in a swimming motion to try and ride it out.

Avalanche! Run Rabbit Run! Original Video By Helipro. from HELIPRO on Vimeo.