Watch the World’s Coolest Rope Swing

Imagine the picture perfect summer day by a bridge on a river and there’s a rope swing. Only it’s a giant rope swing and it launches you with marvelous hang time to flip, spin and soar through the air until crashing to the water below.

Not sure how they got away with this with or without permits, but the dream became a reality for a group of friends recently in Idaho. Their high flying acrobatics are featured in a new video released by Youtube user Devin Supertramp. 

The aerial thrill seeker has made a name for himself for filming interesting stunts, most notably a video in 2012 called “World’s Largest Rope Swing,” which featured a swing he constructed at Corona Arch in Utah. The video has since gained close to 27 million views.

A year later a copy cat 22-year-old was killed attempting the same stunt on the same sandstone arch. Pendulum swinging, as the pursuit is known, has become more common in the sandstone hills especially outside Moab. 

People aren’t accepting nature for what it is. They have to put an element of excitement into it,” John Weisheit, of Living Rivers, a local environmental group told CBS News at the time of the accident. “People see it on YouTube and then say, ‘That looks like fun’.”