Tackle Review: Duckett Micro Magic Rods

Three years after winning the 2007 Bassmaster Classic, and helping create and endorse Carrot Stix rods, professional angler Boyd Duckett formed his own rod company and started things off with a bang. As a professional angler, Duckett knows what works on the water. He yearned to make a lightweight rod that would still endure tough days of tournament fishing, and made it his goal to create such a piece of tackle. He accomplished this goal with the introduction of the Micro Magic line of fishing rods.

The main feature of the Micro Magic rods is the use of microguides, a specialized type of line guide that allows for further casting distance, smoother casting, and more accurate casting. Other rods have utilized such guides in the past, but Duckett’s aim was to form a rod around microguides and produce it on a wider scale.

The rods themselves incorporate numerous attributes that set them apart from others on the market. With multi-modulus blanks, comfort-grip reel seats for both the casting and spinning models, unique hook keepers made specifically for Duckett Fishing, and custom anodized aluminum wind checks, the Micro Magic rods are a true composition of the most desired features of a tournament quality fishing rod. Such a myriad of characteristics enables them to be extremely lightweight, while still maintaining impressive durability. The Micro Magic rods also boast highly-tuned sensitivity and a well-balanced design that will go a long way towards maintaining comfort during a long day on the lake.

Available in both spinning and casting models, with both split and full cork grip versions, the Micro Magic rods are available for anywhere between $150 and $170, depending upon the length and action you purchase. Match all the incredible features of the Micro Magic rods with a service agreement and a lifetime warranty option that basically serves as insurance, and you have a reliable piece of tackle that’s well worth any price tag. The visually appealing white color doesn’t hurt either.

I’m not a professional angler, but, being a fisherman, I know and appreciate the comfort of a lightweight rod that makes long hours of fishing more comfortable, but also holds up to any degree of punishment on the water. The Micro Magic series from Duckett Fishing, the new company started by one of bass fishing’s most legendary anglers, is one rod that gets the job done, and then some. If you’re in the market for a new rod this summer, and have a little extra money to throw at a high-quality piece of tackle, then you could do a lot worse than Boyd Duckett’s Micro Magic.